Kitana Bio


Hey Guys!! My name is Kitana (Yes, like the mortal combat character. I had some cool parents to say the least) I’m also the girl who is known to ALWAYS have a Redbull in hand. I originate from northern Ohio and moved to Oregon the summer of 2010 and have never looked back. I am currently going to Umpqua Community College to become a Paramedic but, my heart and soul will always belong to the body modification world and the beauty/beautiful people that come with it. On my off days, I spend time with my fiancé Cody, and our three adorable kitties Korra, Noel, and Luna. I am a comic, manga, and anime fanatic. I have a Harley Quinn chest piece and am currently working on a anime flash art sleeve. I’m at the Roseburg shop weekday mornings and all day Sunday so come on in to check out the shop as well as treat yourself to some new jewelry and some kick ass ink done by some of the best artists in the area!