Sarvas Portfolio

Sarvas, like Prince, Madonna and Cher only needs one name.  The word in itself, Icelandic, literally means “party” and truly describes the piercing experience you’ll have with him.  He learned to pierce in Missoula, MT,  his home town. He wanted to blossom in his trade and quickly reached out to other piercers.  First noticed in the piercing scene in 2005 for his tiny short shorts and then later his APP membership in 2007 after moving to Salt Lake City to grow and learn on any willing Mormon.  For 4.5 years he lived in SLC then embarked on a 9 month journey around the United States doing guest spots and working closely with other amazing piercers before ending up in Columbus, OH at thee OSU.  After 6 years of piercing all the sorority girls and other buckeyes in C-bus he moved on to Oklahoma.  A short 9 months realizing that OSU  isn’t the same as tOSU he moved cross country to Corvallis, OR to nestle with another OSU at High Priestess to serve all the beavers their piercing needs.  He specializes in freestyle piercing and still to this day boggles the mind of any advanced piercer with his wild techniques and bedside manner.  He is truly the real deal! 

Instagram @iknowsarvas